As a potential new customer, we will complete a full analysis of your bills and provide a detailed report for you showing:

  • What are you paying for: minutes texts data
  • How are you spending money on your bills, broken down by users (staff)
  • Are you paying excess charges, if so why – are they avoidable? We will tell you
  • Could your tariff be improved with current provider, (is current dealer/network direct, pro-actively saving you money?)
  • Alternative options from other networks
  • Could you benefit from: data cards/USB modems- laptops – Blackberry/Smartphone (are you losing business if not replying to emails/enquiries quickly).
  • Able to offer all the available phones BUT key is getting the tariff right.
  • We can negotiate ‘bespoke’ tariffs, airtime credit (ie first 3 months free), ‘cash back’ (payable in lieu of no handsets or in addition to)

As an existing customer, we carry out regular reviews of your bills, ensuring savings are maintained. As business grows, circumstances can change, can result in paying more than you should. Crucially it’s when ‘things go wrong’, that you need help/support:

  • Lost/stolen/faulty phones – make one phone call to us and we will lend you a phone/replace it within 24 hours.
  • Errors on bills – WE WORK FOR YOU – We are not frightened to fight your corner with the networks. A lot of dealers are heavily dependent on a particular network, and sell themselves with that as a benefit, but makes them less eager to fight the network when there’s a problem. We will HIGHLIGHT such errors not sweep them under the carpet

Nothing is impossible.
We will strive to resolve any issues you may have

  • Customer rang from departure lounge not taking phone abroad, left phone in the car, we spoke to network and diverted his calls to a colleague.
  • Customer had a site cabin on long-term contract, surrounded by heavy steelwork, blocking signal, imported a signal booster and paid for from his Technology Fund. Problem solved.
  • We provided a report the same day about an employee making high volumes of personal calls, report provided.
  • With a replacement phone. The MD of one of our client companies who lost his phone abroad, phoned us and the sim card was blocked the same day, and we met him on the way from the airport with a replacement phone and new ‘live’ sim card.


Registered with Nokia Repair Centre, Samsung, Motorola


Authorised re-sellers for Fonesure. We will arrange your handset and device insurance and provide advice if/when you need to make a claim.

Fixed lines

We are authorized re-sellers for several communications companies, and as such can provide genuine ongoing savings against other providers and able to arrange installatons of new lines and broadband.

Non-geographical numbers – 03….numbers

As dealers wishing to ensure your costs are kept as low as possible, the only non-geographical numbers we will promote are 03… numbers. 03 numbers were released in 2007 by the industry regulator Ofcom as an alternative to 08 business phone numbers, such as 0870 and 0871 numbers

  • 03 numbers cost the same to call as standard landlines, even from mobiles.
  • Your 03 number includes more than 7 online call management features, helping you become much more efficient.
  • You can attract more enquiries from outside your area - with 03 numbers you won't be judged on your location.
  • Keep your 03 numbers for life, even if you relocate.
  • You control where you want to receive your calls by routing your 03 number to any UK landline or mobile easily via the web/phone.

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